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Game FAQ

Do I have to pay for playing billiard at
No, you don't. It is for free.
How can I view my games history?
History, statistics and all the info may be found in «Cashier» system. The button of «Cashier» starter is in the left upper part of the gaming lobby screen, next to your money asset.
How can I participate in the prizes drawing at 8BallClub?
Just keep playing and winning! The prizes are drawn among the club members who have filled the registration forms. Please, be sure to give correct address, lest your prize gets lost. It is easy to fill the registration form, simply enter «Cashier» system, then «Personal Info» and click the button «Registration».
What fun money is about?
It is in-club virtual money, and it is not supposed to be incashed. But slow down! Fun money will get value soon. We will let you know.
How many fun-money dollars do I start with? What if I run out of fun-money?
Every newcomer obtains start-up sum of fun money ($100) as he or she enters the game in the first time.If you fall below 10 fun dollars (or run out completely), your account will be automatically refilled to 25 fun dollars. Total volume of your fun-money account is limited to the total of $9999 fun dollars.
I would like to play under different names. Can I have more than one account?
We woud strongly recommend you not to create more than one account. It may impair your rating growth. Besides, it may cause some problems to won prizes delivery. The number of possible accounts is limited.
I forgot my password. How can I retrieve it?
Look down the front page and find «Forgot your password?». There is «Restore» button next to it. Fill in your Username and e-mail address you had given when registered your account. New password will be sent on your e-mail address.
How can i change my password?
You must login first with your current username and password. There is «Cashier» button in the upper part of the gaming lobby screen. Push it and find «Personal Info» in new window. Having found and pushed button «Edit Login» you may change your password.
I received message «3D Module Error». What am I supposed to do?
1. First of all, please note that the program work under Windows XP/Vista only.
2. Make sure DirectX 9.0 has been installed properly. If not, download and install Microsoft DirectX 9.0 from
3. Make sure you have the latest drivers for your video card and that they are Microsoft DirectX 9.0 - compatible. The only solution is to get the latest video driver version available from your video card manufacturer.

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