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Trophies Nominations
8BallClub billiard players win fantastic prizes every week! If you become Leader of the week and get medal place - Trophy is Yours!

Trophy in the kitty
Currently the following prizes are being drawn:
Four mp4 players
2GB MP3/MP4 Digital Multimedia Player,
1.8" TFT Color Screen - FM Radio, Voice Recorder, Audio/Movie Player
* All the prizes sponsored on the 8BallClub's assets. The prizes' producers are not participants or sponsors of this promotion.
Weekly summing up determines the winners. One prize can be claimed per player.

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Note! Only Full Members may take part in weekly prize-drawing.

For this you need to fill the registration form. It is easy, simply enter «Cashier» system, then «Personal Info» and click the button «Registration». Button of «Cashier» starter is in the left upper part of the gaming lobby screen.

Without your registration info we just would not be able to locate you in order to send you your prize! Please, be sure to give correct address, lest your prize gets lost.

Prize Policy Guidelines
  1. In order to enable the Administration to send winners the prizes, you need to undergo full registration. The prizes are drawn among the club members who have filled the registration forms. Please, be sure to give correct address, lest your prize gets lost. Players who did not undergo full registration would not participate in the prizes drawing.

  2. One prize can be claimed per player.

  3. All the results will be re-checked. The Administration has authority to deprive prizes from players who tresspasse rules of the club.

  4. The Administration renounces its responsibility in case of prize delivery failure owing to technical reasons, post-offices faults, and if player gave incorrect address. In exceptional cases, if prize cannot be delivered to some countries or regions, it would be substituted with.

  5. The Administration has authority to make changes in drawing rules. We would strongly recommend you to be up-to-dated to the rules.

  6. Winner are announced in two days after the drawing took place. The prizes are sent in five-days term hereafter.
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