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Money Playing
Fun or money?
Our Club allows you to play for Fun Money. It is, of course, not real money. Yet, fun money does change and perk the game while on the table. Moreover, fun money can be used as admission fee into tournaments with true prizes.

Online SHOP - Fun Money becomes valuable
Now you have the opportunity to use your Fun Money that has been earned while playing 8BallClub billiards. You can accumulate Fun Money and then convert them into Club Points. Your Club Points are valuable and can be used to purchase items in 8BallClub Shop.

Refilling your Fun Money account
  • Every newcomer has $100 fun dollars by default, as he or she enters the game in the first time.

  • If you fall below $10 fun dollars (or run out completely), your account will be automatically refilled to $25 fun dollars.

  • Total volume of your fun-money account is limited to the total of $9999 fun dollars.

  • Definitions
    Fun Dollars – fun dollars (fun money) is 8BallClub currency, and can be used to play games, tournaments and can be converted to Club Points.
    Club Points – points that fully registered 8BallClub members can use to purchase items in 8BallClub Shop.
    Conversion Rate – the rate at which 8Ballclub Member can convert Fun Money to Club Points.
    Daily Conversion Limit – how many Fun Money can be converted to Club Points a day.
    Weekly Conversion Limit – how many Fun Money can be converted to Club Points a week.
    Monthly Conversion Limit – how many Fun Money can be converted to Club Points a month.
    Minimum Conversion Value – minimum # of Fun Money necessary to convert per transaction.
    Inactivity Fee – % of Club Points subtracted from user account every month after 3 months of inactivity. If a user is inactive for longer than 1 year all Club Points will be forfeited.

    Conversion Rate: 25 Fun Dollars = 1 Club Point
    Daily Conversion Limit: 625 Fun Dollars
    Weekly Conversion Limit: 2500 Fun Dollars
    Monthly Conversion Limit: 6250 Fun Dollarst
    Minimum Conversion Value: 100 Fun Dollars
    Inactivity Fee: 10% of Club Points Balance

    Conditions Necessary for Conversion of Fun Points to Club Point
    1. 8BallClub member must have a fully registered account with a successful activation.
    2. User may convert fun points only in case of having more than 25 Fun Dollars available in their account and con not go below 25 Fun Dollars limit when converting Fun Points (ex. if a user has 200 fun points he can only convert 175 so that 25 Fun Dollars are always available in users account).

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