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About 8BallClub
 Make Your Shot at 8BallClub, the Ultimate Online Billiards
It's Billiards Games at your home. You're really playing billiards - the game isn't a simulation, it's real. If you aren't an expert follower of a real-life sport it's no reason not to try our games, you'll find you learn more about our game and the real-life game the more you play!

The ‘8BallClub’ is a worldwide sports competition between opponents from around the world. In our Online Game Server you can find this specific billiards atmosphere and offers a chance to battle real players.

8BallClub is hardcore Snooker, 8-Ball pool, 9-Ball pool and Rotation pool for the toughest online competitors. We’ve combined the greatest 3D gaming engine in the world with the most realistic physics this side of reality to challenge your skills and let you battle it out against your opponents to win the top prize.

Our software speaks for itself.  The graphics and physics will floor you, but we’ve gone further and added international competition, detailed leader boards, trick shots, huge prizes and real money. The results will stop you in your tracks. Make Your Shot at 8BallClub.

It's not a simulation, it's real. Step up to the table, hold a real cue, hit a real ball.
Play billiards in one of these game styles at 8BallClub Online.

Regular Games
The wager is preset and can’t be changed in the middle of the game.

Double Games
Challenge your opponent to double his wager any time during the game. If he accepts, the game continues with higher stakes. If he rejects… game over. His fear is your victory.

Match Games
A series of games where you need to win a majority for victory. A best-of-three match needs 2 to win; a best-of-five needs 3 wins.

Clobber your opponents in an 8BallClub tournaments. Pick from Sit & Go, Free Roll, Satellite, Event or Sponsored. Some are free. Some cost money. All have real prizes. Schedules are in the Game Lobby.

Training Mode
You may play in training mode. This is a one-player practice mode. Besides, in “Practice Game” mode, you may find the games you played.

Game Playback
You may find the games you played and view your games in playback mode. Saved games files may be found in the folder «My Documents/8BallClub Playback Files». Playback files have «.8c» extension. Just double click the file and the playback starts. Saved games you may upload onto our server or send your to friends via e-mail.

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